WWEekly Review #1



So we start off with the best thing to watch on WWE right now – The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman. He’s easily one of the most improved over the last year, and the best thing on Raw not called The Miz. His vulgar display of strength last week aside, this is the most destructive we’ve seen him. I was kind of hoping he would get meaner in the truck rather than “what does this button do” but it’s still Vinnie Macs’ WWE. And the way he picked up Cole by the belt was hilarious. Will he win at the rumble? No because its Lesnar v Reigns at Wrestlemania, but I would love to see it nonetheless.

In other news, Asuka got her coat stuck in the entrance, had an actual good match with Nia Jax, and only just won by an “injury” to Jax, setting up for a fued starting at the Rumble (I imagine). Jax actually looked strong tonight, I hope they start developing her a bit more. Whether her injury was legit or not I’m not sure, but there was no X sign from the ref so possibly kayfabe.

The Cruiserweight division is still a thing and no-one cares.

Jason Jordan is still the most annoying person on the roster (and yes I include Enzo Amore in that). He’s undeniably got the raw talent, but they ruined him in two ways – they ripped him away from Gable, and spun him as Angles son. Rollins has been unfairly treated in being partnered with him when Rollins should be on the Universal title hunt. Also in the unfairly treated category is The Bar. They should still be tag champs, only dropping the straps because creative want to push Jordan, and literally no-one else wants to see it. I know Ambrose is injured, but another team should have had the chance. The Revival, Titus Worldwide, even Slater and Rhyno would be fun to see.

Woken Matt Hardy isn’t as WONDERFUL as I’d imagined. His first few little promos were pretty solid, as I understand Vince has given him free reign over the character. His entrance music is pretty catchy, and his in ring style is alot more brutal than you’ll see from Matt Hardy classic. But something is missing from the whole thing, it all seems a bit……disjointed. Which maybe is the point and I’m just not getting it, but I wanted them to build it up a bit more rather than pull the trigger as soon as Jeff was injured.



We start the show with *sigh* The New Day. With all their antics with pancakes and the WHO? WHO? WHO? it’s becoming really, really boring. I much preferred them as a heel team, and I keep hoping they go back to that, but as we all know, WWE like to flog a dead horse. The first match was Xavier v Jinder Mahal in the US Title tournament, which was what the whole show was about pretty much. Jinder won clean for a change, as did Bobby Roode against Mojo Rawley, who actually looks pretty decent with his new attitude but Roode is GLORIOUS and rules all. Then they made the final that same night, I can only assume is because of RAW 25 next monday and they don’t want anything to overshadow it. That or Mahal or Roode wouldn’t make it. But a tournament final would have been fine waiting until the Royal Rumble so I’m not sure why they rushed it.

The Women had a 6 woman tag, Riott Squad v Lynch, Flair and Naomi. That was a thing that happened and had no bearing on anything as far as I can tell. Maybe after the Rumble we’ll have a few more woman to fight over the title, and I’m hoping to god we got the Iconic Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. Which also begs the question, is Carmella ever going to cash in? Personally, I think she’s waiting until ‘Mania, leaving the door open for a Raw winner (most likely Asuka) to challenge Bliss.


NXT is definatly the way to go. 4 matches over the course of the hour, compared to Smackdown’s 4 in 2 hours. The matches themselves were…..ok. Nothing to write home about, but nothing worse than what you’ll see from monday or tuesday nights.

The first main talking point is the woman’s title match made for Takeover Philadelphia. After attacking Aliyah in the ring, Shayna Baszler got her title match with Ember Moon. I’m finding it hard to see Moon coming out on top here. Baszler has only been in NXT for two weeks, and with all the build up I can’t see her losing so soon. It’s possibly an angle to see Ember go to the main roster, debuting in the Women’s Royal Rumble match. We could see a Baszler DQ however, leading to a longer fued for the two.

Secondly, Gargano has put his title opportunity on the line against Velveteen Dream (still a dumb name if you ask me) next week. Dream has come on in leaps and bounds, with his match against Aleister Black at War Games one of the matches of the year. I don’t see him getting the win cleanly, with only a Tommaso Chiampa interference causing the loss for Johnny Wrestling. Also, please don’t ruin Gargano and put him in the Cruiserweights. They suck.

Oh yeah, TM61 are still about, as is No Way Jose. And Authors of Pain destroyed Street Profits to set up a title match with Undisputed Era at Takeover.

That’s about it this week, hope you enjoyed reading, please comments if you agree/disagree with anything I’ve said. I’m on twitter too @thegrimfish.


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