WWEekly Review #2


Welcome to another week of the WWEekly review. Hope you like the name, if not, it’s my column and it’s the cleverest thing I’ve come up with so I’m going with it.


It’s 25 years of Raw. A monumental achievement for any show. We had Stephanie and Shane McMahon thank everyone, bring out Vinnie Mac who is still one of the best heels in the business, hilariously making fun of a plaque presented to him, and the entire city of Brooklyn. *Glass smash* IT’S AUSTIN! Stone cold turned up, Stunnered Shane, Vince, Shane again, drank beers and left. Damn it’s just like the attitude era (the best era).

The first match is another multi-woman match, pitting DeVille, Jax, Rose and Fox against Asuka, Bayley, Sasha and Mickie. I’m getting quite bored of these, it’s WWE having more women on the roster (a good thing) but not knowing what the hell to do with them. They’ve seemingly given up on Bayley and Sasha, Nia should be running the division but isn’t, Mickie James is there as the villiage elder to pass wisdom and experience down. However, after the match Asuka went full throttle and threw her team mates over the top ropes, proving once again, nobody is ready for Asuka and she will win everything and (much to my dismay) beat Alexa Bliss for the title at Mania.

Backstage, Angle had a weird moment with The Coach, Brooklyn Brawler, Brother Love, and The Boogeyman. It is Raw25 after all, they’ll all come out of the woodwork. Also, King and JR are back together on commentary at the Manhattan Center, with King referring to the Women wrestlers as Ladies and mentioning “PUPPIES” and taking WWE back about 15 years. We saw the return of Taker, seemingly giving a warning to anyone (looking at you Cena) who wants to step up.

The Miz v Roman Reigns for the IC title now. One of the best in-ring performers of the last year, and Roman Reigns. Shenanigans from Bo and Curtis, and The Miz being the genius he is took the padding off the turnbuckle earler in the match. A second skull crushing finale and Miz is an 8 TIME IC CHAMPION. Reigns is expected to go on to Mania to face Lesnar, so don’t expect a rematch any time soon.

Back to poker, MVP is there for some reason. Then we have a special edition of THE PEEP SHOW. I am a peep, always will be. Christian rules, and always will, anyone who says otherwise is wrong. His guests are the Raw tag champs, Rollins and Jordan. And WOW, the crowd hate Jordan more than they hate Reigns. Mostly because he interrupted Rollins. I still think he would be better in a team with Gable or as a singles competitor lower down the card. Besides, it means we all like The Bar even more.

Now we have Bray Wyatt v Woken Matt Hardy! Finally! And it sucked. What a let down. It could of been an epic weird-off, but it just wasn’t to be. Wrestlemania should have been the place for this. They’ve ruined another Bray Wyatt fued. Wyatt won, but at what cost to his credability?

Elias got beat up a bit Cena until he low blowed and guitared him. (Also – WWE=Walk With Elias. How did I never see that?!) Dudleyz put Heath Slater through a table, Rhyno (his tag partner) helped. AJ Styles met Mean Gene and you can tell its one off his bucket list. Which is another reason everyone loves AJ.

DEGENERATION X! HHH, HBK, New Age Outlaws, and X-Pac because why wouldn’t you they’re awesome. And Scott Hall flr some reason. Balor Club arrive, Too Sweet with D-X, which I found rather amusing (cease and desist with the Young Bucks, look it up). Then The Revival come out for their match with Anderson and Gallows which again, should have been a classic but was over quite quickly. Here’s the main story though:- Triple H raised Balor’s hand. If you follow the backstage at all, Vince doesn’t think Finn is over enough to challenge the top guys. Which is bullshit to everyone else but Vince it seems. Trips raising Finns hand after would tell me he has faith in him, and once Vince leaves, which shouldn’t be too long, Hunter will take over and all will be good with WWE.

All in all, Raw 25 was a nostalgia trip. The actual wrestling sucked.


Starting the show is Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn or “Kami” from here on out. They are whiney and annoying. They will lose at the Rumble and I’m thankful for that. AJ deserves to be champ at Mania, AJ v Nakamura will be *hopefully* amazing, and Kevin will backstab Zayn or vice-versa. AJ arrives, words ensue, Daniel Bryan appears and we have two matches for later – Styles v Zayn and Styles v Owens. Back to back. Which is fine because any match AJ is in is always amazing.

Jey Uso v Chad Gable now. Tag wrestlers in singles matches traditionally suck, but watching this I couldn’t help but notice how capable Gable is by himself. They’ve missed an opportunity by pairing him up with Benjamin, although I’m sure he’s getting some sage advice. A good US title run will be good for him, and cement him as a legit threat. I’d like to see him and Jason Jordan switch, without all the bastard son bollocks that goes with it.

Noami v Liv Morgan was up next. And it was something that happened. The only reason I didnt skip this match is because it was so short. After, everyone threw each other over the top, Charlotte appears and tells everyone how good she is. With Asuka winning the rumble unless she basically dies and can’t compete, they’r gonna need a Smackdown competitor. A tournament of some sorts, or Carmella FINALLY cashing in, and the rematch being at Mania. That’s my thoughts anyway.

Now we have Nakamura v Baron Corbin. Which does exactly what it says on the tin. But before Shin could hit the KINSHASAAAAAAA he got hit with an RKO outta freaking nowhere. I know he probably come through the crowd, but there was no upturn in noise, no chanting for him. It just happened. I’m not a huge Orton fan, but I do love an unexpected RKO.

The New Day and Booby Roode v Jinder Mahal, Rusev and Aiden English in a 6 man tag now. Of course, Roode and New Day got the win. Someone please shove that trombone up Xaviers arse.

We have now the main event(s?) With Styles taking on Owens. Bad luck for Owens, he seemed to hurt his ankle, meaning Styles could get rid of him quickly. I don’t think this a kayfabe injury either it seemed to really hamper him. Styles put the calf crusher on him, amd held it after the bell, causing Zayn to rush the ring in his friends defence. Once the match started, it was mostly Zayn in control. And this is the best Sami Zayn I’ve seen since his match with a debuting Shinsuke Nakamura at Takeover Brooklyn. This is the Zayn we were hoping for. The Zayn I can easily see as a champ. Maybe not WWE just yet , but definately IC or US. He was in control, effective and smart. And actually won. However, with Owens looking like he’s injured, in a one-on-one match with no distractions, there’s no way Zayn can topple AJ outside of divine intervention. I might be wrong, after all Mahal had a fairly lengthy title run against the odds, but Zayn is a different animal.


Not much to report on here. First up is a returning No Way Jose against Cesar Bononi. Jose won. Woop. Noone cares.

Next match is Bianca Belair v local jobber. I actually really like Belair. And her hair whip thing she does is her hook. It’s something noone else has done before, and it sounds awesome. It should be a big year for her.

Part 2 of the TM61 special, basically reminding us they are still part of the roster but haven’t been seen because reasons. I’m expecting a big push for them this year, culminating in a tag title run. With AoP and Sanity main roster bound, they need to fill up the tag team pool again. Speaking of AoP, they destroyed two more local jobbers before the match had even started, told Undisputed Era that’s their future, and left.

Johnny Gargano v Velveteen Dream is our main event, and easily, by a country mile, the best match of the week on any show. Dream seems to bring the best out of his opponent, and we know Johnny Wrestling can go. They played the match out perfectly, I could have seen either of them winning, and wouldn’t have minded either way. This could have main evented any PPV.

NXT has definately won the week with one match. Hopefully things pick up after the Rumble.

Oh yeah, Fuck Bray Wyatt.


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