The Games Room: Bad Games


Are bad games really bad?

Welcome back to the games room! I only had a few weeks before our untimely demise last time, but I figured I’d keep it going this time because I’m too lazy to think of a new concept. I’m Liam, and I’m going to take a weekly look at a major talking point, a topic I’ve come up with or just review an old or favorite game. It’ll differ slightly each week, but if you’ve got a game you love and want more people to know about, or one others love but you hate, even if its just to spam me with games related memes, I’m @thegrimfish on twitter, or you can just leave a comment here for the world to see. Whatever, I’m not the boss of you.

On to my topic. The last couple of years have probably been the hardest for games so far. We’ve had world class titles like The Witcher 3, Destiny, Fallout 4 and even COD WWII. But for all of them, we’ve had bombs like Assassin’s Creed Unity, Mass Effect Andromeda or even Arkham Knight. But are these ‘terrible games’ actually that bad? My answer is, actually, no. Games bring us together. If someone told me 20 years ago I could play games with people on the other side of the world from the comfort of my own home, I’d have told you to stop lying. We’ve started to take games for granted, and it’s high time we stopped. Let me take Mass Effect Andromeda for example.

First of all, it’s one of my favorite games of the last few years. I loved the story, the fact it was new setting and new characters, even the exploration was kind of fun. HOWEVER, it did have its downfalls. The animation on the faces was a bit dodgy to begin with, although this was patched. There was also issues with online connectivity, and some people were just butthurt that it wasn’t like the previous titles. But I can almost guarantee those same people would of complained if it was the same systems, calling it a “lazy sequel”. Some people are never happy whatever. So much so, that EA and Bioware have almost definately scrapped any follow-up titles, and 100% scrapped any DLC planned. Theres just a couple of guys set asides for the multiplayer and patches, noone else is working on new content. So thanks for that.

On the flip side, take Fallout 4. A world class game, has led to a number of special editions and collectibles, Funko POP figures and more. It’s a massive ooen world game with an infinite number of possible routes to take. Nearly everyone loves it. I HATED IT. I found it too much of a grind, I was sick of getting killed to death by overpowered enemies who came from nowhere. I’m not going to become a butthurt dweller though as it’s just a personal thing. I at least gave it a try, as I didn’t like 3 or New Vegas. I didn’t like The Witcher 2 either, but 3 is my favorite game of the last few years, so it always pays to try before you write it off completely. The problem is, alot of people tar a single genre with the same brush. They hate fighters, so ALL fighters are automatically shite. Not the case. I’m not a fan of First Person Shooters, however I’m quite into Destiny 2 right now. I took a chance and it paid off.

Of course, some games bring the heat on themselves. Battlefront 2 is the biggest example. What should have been basically Destiny 2 in a galaxy far, far away was overshadowed by their loot crate system, which basically locked all of the coolest stuff for those willing to pay extra for it earlier. So while most of the players were grinding away, saving up the necessary coinage to buy the crates containing Vader or Luke, other can simply use real money, skipping the grind completely. To unlock everything, it would take around 6 months in total of earning coins, or you could spend about £2000. But people who spend the money seemingly ended up with more powerful characters compared to those who actually played the game. By all accounts, some at EA recieved death threats over this. Now I don’t agree with that at all, but it shows just how much some people care about games they had no input into making.

Here’s the facts: if you dont like a game, don’t play it. People spend years pouring every inch of themselves into making these games that you destroy via keyboard purely because you don’t agree with one portion of it. There are plenty of other injustices in the world without a slightly below par facial feature being added to it.


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