ICW Square Go Live Report


The 7th Annual ICW Square Go came to you live from the O2 ABC in Glasgow. Taking place much like the Royal Rumble, five entrants are given weapons to bring to the ring with them. The winner receives a guaranteed shot at the ICW Title which can be cashed in much like the Money In The Bank contract.

Jack Jester Vs James Storm

The show opened with the debuting James Storm taking on former ICW champion Jack Jester in a good old fashioned falls count anywhere match with the winner getting a shot at the ICW title at the next night’s Fight Club tapings. Unfortunately, due to the ever-present ICW queuing issues, I didn’t get into the venue to see most of this match. James Storm picked up the win and cut a great promo post match thanking the fans, putting them over for being crazy and welcoming the match for the championship. On his way out, Jack Jester ignored and bumped through his Kinky Party team mate Sha Samuels on the ramp, teasing issues between the pair.

ICW Women’s Championship: Kasey (c) Vs Session Moth Martina

Back at Fear and Loathing X in November, Martina turned heel and aligned with Bram and Rudo Sports and Entertainment team. The two had each other scouted well and went back and forward. Martina has come along leaps and bounds in the ring over the last couple of years and absolutely owns her gimmick better than almost anyone else on the indies. Towards the end of the match, the referee was distracted by Martina’s manager Red Lightning which gave fellow Rudo signee Iestyn Rees the opportunity to get into the ring and spear Kasey. This led to Martina getting the pin to become the new ICW Women’s champion! After the match, Red Lightning and Martina beat down Kasey and celebrated with the belt. The crowd love Kasey and hate Red Lightning and Martina so this was a good place for a heel win in the show and makes the women interesting again after Kasey’s rather lacklustre run with the belt.

ICW Tag Team Championship: Ashton Smith & Rampage Brown (c) Vs The Purge

Manager Extraordinaire The Wee Man welcomed his newest signings Ashton and Rampage to the ring after their shock Tag Title win at the most recent Fight Club tapings. The Purge are a solid tag team and got the jump on their opponents early, but not for long as this was an extended squash to solidify the new champs in front of a bigger audience. I’m absolutely fine with these guys getting a big win here and look forward to a renewed focus on the tag division going forward. Rampage Brown is an absolute beast.

ICW Undisputed Championship: BT Gunn (c) Vs Bram

After winning a ladder match at Fear and Loathing X with help from Martina, Bram finally gets his shot at BT Gunn. The two had a brutal match here, with the fight heading into the crowd and around the venue, with BT Gunn leaping from a balcony. The action returned to the ring and we saw Red Lightning try the same thing here as worked in the Women’s match, but BT Gunn was able to kick out of the pin and we got 2 referees getting Lightning and Rees ejected from ring side. Annoyingly, the end of the match was fairly flat as Gunn was able to win with a simple roll up, but the build to the end was great with Bram delivering a scary looking piledriver on a set up steel chair. The crowd was happy with Gunn retaining though and despite a bit of overbooking it was a good way to tease the title change.

30 Man Over The Top Square Go (Entrant List Courtesy of PWInsider.com)

1: Chris Renfrew
2: Mikey Whiplash with a kendo stick, accompanied by Aivil (formerly known as Jokey)
3: Lewis Girvan
4: Aspen Faith
5: Kay Lee Ray with two leather straps
6: Sha Samuels with a steel dildo
7: Kez Evans
8: Kid Fite accompanied by Krieger and Lou King Sharp of Fite Network
9: Kenny Williams

10: Wolfgang
11: Moose
12: Wild Boar
13: Jordan Devlin
14: Mike Bird
15: Iestyn Rees
16: Tor Atterhagen
17: The Sam Barbour Experience
18: Big Grizzly
19: Jackie Polo
20: Lionheart
21: Ravie Davie
22: Aaron Echo with a 12-pack of lager (which he drank before joining the match)
23: Mark Coffey
24: Viper
25: Jody Fleisch
26: Joseph Conners with a steel chair
27: DCT
28: Leyton Buzzard
29: Stevie Boy
30: Joe Hendry accompanied by Leyton Buzzard (who had already been eliminated)

The match started with Renfrew and Whiplash, who have a long and storied history in ICW. They went right for it, fighting into the crowd (watch for me when Renfrew takes a bump over before the make it to the full bar, I’m wearing a hoody over a Die Havoc Die tshirt). Both Renfrew and Whiplash took sickening bumps before our third entrant Lewis Girvan arrived to an empty ring. The following two entrants were his Filthy Generation stable mates Aspen Faith and the returning Kay Lee Ray, who got a massive pop. They were able to control the action as more participants arrived and we got into the part of the match where the ring fills with bodies. Moose was the big surprise entrant, although I had spotted his shirts at the merch table so it maybe wasn’t as shocking as they had hoped. After Sha Samuels was eliminated, Jester came out to check on him but after their spat earlier in the night, Samuels seemed unwilling to be consoled. Ravie Davie was goaded by Bram and Martina on the ramp as he entered the ring, making him I believe the quickest elimination of the night. He went for Bram on the ramp and they fought to the back. By the time we got to the final two of favourite Stevie Boy of the Filthy Generation and the more surprising Mark Coffey, the action ramped up and we got a couple of rather convincing near-finishes. Stevie Boy picked up the win and was greeted by champion BT Gunn, with some people in the crowd convinced of an instant cash-in, but with the pair’s history they’ll get some fantastic build towards the match between them.

Overall, the Square Go was a great in-ring show, with the only issue being some issues within the crowd. It’s certainly worth a watch on ICWOnDemand.


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