WWeekly Review 5



We start with John Cena, doing what he does best, cutting a promo. Saying essentially if he doesn’t win the Chamber match, he’s not a Mania. Thankfully, The Miz interrupts and was AAAAWESOOOOME. We also have a stipulation for the obvious match that happens; the loser of the match enters the Chamber first. And with the Miztourage banned from ringside, Miz really doesn’t have much of a shot against the infallible Cena. This was also, an absolute classic. Both Miz and Cena were the best I’ve seen them for a long time. Cena got the win, and utterly deserved it, as much as it pains me to say.

Oh yeah, during backstage promos, you don’t need to flash the words up on screen like a fucking reality show. Stop it.

Gallows and Anderson v The Revival. Again. They obviously have no idea what to do with the Good Brothers. And now it seems Revival are falling into the same trap. Revival pick up the win. I’d bet they have another match at the Elimination Chamber kick-off show. Yay.

Sasha Banks v Bayley. Not the classic encounter like we had in NXT, but as far as RAW goes, actually not a bad woman’s match. Bayley picks up the win, being in her hometown and all, but both were decimated after the match by Nia Jax. I’m hoping to god they push Nia to be the monster we know she can be. She’s not beating Asuka at Elimination Chamber, but she can certainly make a statement.

Sonya Deville/Mandy Rose v Mickie James/The Goddess and greatest woman’s wrestler of all time Alexa Bliss. Rose and Deville get the win after shenanigans. Not much else to say about it really except I am u ashamadly a fan of Alexa.

A weird one now. Elias took to the ring to debut his “Elimination Chamber Blues” but was interrupted by the musical stylings of Braun Strowman? As odd as it sounds it was actually quite funny. Braun used a Double Bass as a guitar, which he then broke without even meaning too, promised Elias would GET THESE HANDS, and then broke the Bass over Elias’ back because BRRRAAAUUUNNN.

Sheamus v Roman Reigns. It was as hard hitting as you would imagine. Lots of back and forth, counters, and another quality match. Why can’t every Raw be this good?? Reigns of course won, but after this match, well and truly deserved.

Main event time. Wyatt v Hardy v Balor v Crews v Rollins. An excellent match to close out proceedings. Crews was a highlight reel, Wyatt looked dangerous again, Woken Matt is finally getting a bit of traction, and Balor and Rollins are both looking to get back in the title picture. Nothing is ever smooth though, after a tower of doom, both Balor and Rollins got the pin. Now this can go two ways; either they have another match next week, the winner taking the final place, or Elias turns out to be injured so both get a place.  Which would be a shame for Elias, but the show must go on. I’m guessing option A, as they don’t have alot of main event matches to fill up the next week.


So, the title picture is getting a bit convoluted now. What was supposed to be a one on one at fastlase became a triple threat, now becomes a fatal 4 way with either Baron Corbin or Dolph Ziggler for some reason joining them. The match didn’t happen as Owens and Zayn attacked them. Two things are annoying me about this. 1) why are Owens and Zayn getting chance after chance and 2) why the hell is Ziggler getting anything? He disappeared for 2 months, reappered at the rumble at 30 and still lost, and now he’s in the WWE title picture? Huh?

Sarah Logan v Charlotte Flair. A decent enough match, they kept mentioning Logans “unorthodox style” by that they meant sloppy and botchy. She did get better as the match wore on though. Flair with the win, Ruby Riott next week then.

Owens v Corbin. If Corbin wins, he’s in the title match. If Zayn interferes, he loses his spot. I still like Corbin, I think if he hadn’t of sent a dumb tweet (which be was in character btw) he’d be a former champ by now. It was always going to be Styles v Nakamura at Mania, but he would of had his time. How Owens hasn’t been WWE champ yet amazes me. This really should have been better than it was. It seems like the match was waaaay longer than it should have been. Corbin wins via End of Days. This match showed, if anything, that Baron is not simply tall with a cool finisher, there’s much more to him.

Bobby Roodes U.S. title open challenge. Orton picks up the gauntlet unsurprisingly. But so does…..Jinder Mahal? Alot of talking, using last weeks top 10 list alot, which I can see being the basis for alot of rivalries. The match never actually happened because they all attacked each other, with Jinder standing tall. Erm….yay?!?!

Now The Old Day. FFS, what I wouldn’t give for one of them to attack the others. If it happened, I’d put money on Big E being the trigger man. They did a weird pancake bit, and they were interrupted by Bengable. Two teams who have fuck all to do with anything right now. This was the segment that hust wouldn’t end. Once it finally did after what seemed like days, they had a match. If I’m honest, I payed like, 5% attention to it. I’m trying to be un, but these are two teams I just do not care about at all.

Sami Zayn v Dolph Ziggler now, with the same stipulation as Owens v Corbin earlier. Zayn looked better this week than we’ve seen for a while, Ziggler hasn’t lost a step despite his self imposed exile for 7 weeks. Literally the only match worth watching on the whole show. Dolph with the win via a SUUUUPERKICK (which totally suits him as a finisher) and Fastlane is now a fatal 5 way.


To start, Pete Dunne v Roderick Strong for the UK title. Still a bit weird an American going for the UK title. I do hope this isn’t going to be the NXT equivalent of the IC or US titles, it needs to stay with indy wrestlers looking to get into WWE part time, as with Dunne, Bate, Seven, Andrews and so forth. That being said, this was a great match to start. Not the classics Dunne and Bate have had, but good nonetheless. Dunne picks up the win via The Bitter End. This should have closed the show, not opened it.

Looks like we’re getting a couple of big matches – Velveteen Dream v Tyler Bate and Aleister Black v Killian Dain. I would imagine Dream v Bate is to cement Dream’s legacy as a big match player, and Black v Dain is to find the next no1 contender. I wouldn’t mind either to be fair they’ve both done more than enough to earn the title.

TM61 v Some guy and some other guy. Not much to report. They hit Thunder Valley and forgot who was supposed to make the pin. Ref had to tell them.

Ember Moon v Shayna Baszler for the NXT woman’s title. And Ember came out SWINGING. Ive never seen so much aggression from Moon. But then Baszler started on the arm, eventually using the barriers to her advantage. The match was stopped after Kairi Sane interjected herself to protect Moon. So it’s going to be Baszler v Sane next week then.


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