The WWEekly Review 6



A mega match starts us off- a gauntlet match featuring the competitors in the men’s Elimination Chamber match. You may remember last week both Balor and Rollins pinned Wyatt in the second chance fatal 5 way. After Raw finished, Angle decreed that both would be in the Chamber, making it a 7 man match. 3 will start the match, with 4 more added from each pod as normal. The gauntlet starts with Rollins v Reigns. Ill simply go through who beat who first before breaking down the match as a whole rather than each segment. So:
Rollins bt Reigns
Rollins bt Cena
Elias bt Rollins
Balor bt Elias
Miz bt Balor (with help from the Miztourage)
Strowman destroyed Miz
Now, first of all, WHAT. A. MATCH. Maybe the best Raw has produced for 5 or more years. Rollins was the supreme MVP. Monday night Rollins is here. Even Cena was impressive, and showing some heel tendencies to boot. Elias showed why he’s there, being the most improved superstar this year. Balor and Miz were their usual selves. And Strowman, well, ridiculous. He did a front dropkick. Ran Miz down. With Roman winning the Chamber (because Vince is basically hanging out of his bum) I would imagine they’ll all gang up on Braun to get him out. You must watch it, even if you skip the rest of the show.

Asuka got destroyed by Nia Jax. Yeah thats all.

The Bar v Titus and Apollo. Not Apollo Crews, just Apollo because the nutjob who shot up the school in Florida had the last name Cruz, and McMahon is a bit odd when it comes to surnames. Like, alot of people have the name Crews, or Cruise, or Cruz, but Terry Crews or Tom Cruise aren’t gonna drop their name because of it. But then TJ Perkins became TJP because Mcmahon doesn’t like a resteraunt called Perkins. Seriously. Anyway, Apollo rolled up Cesaro for the steal. But given a title match, they’ll lose because they always do.

Sasha Banks/Bayley/Mickie James v Mandy Rose/Sonya Deville/Alexa Bliss. A terrible match full of botches. Mainly due to Mandy Rose not knowing what the hell she’s doing. Sonya actually has slotted in quite well, but Rose was brought up from NXT way to quickly. Mainly because Vince most likely has been having wet dreams about her. In Triple H’s Raw, she would be in development for another year at least.



After a back and forth between Styles, Owens and Corbin we get our first match. Owens v Ziggler. Actually not a bad match, both were on top at points, Ziggler looks like the Dolph we saw 5 years ago. Owens has been annoying of late, but a wicked Superkick to the back of Zigglers head (because of a Zayn distraction) gave him the win.

Orton, Mahal and Roode has fisticuffs. Triple threat for US title at fastlane maybe in the works. Possibly to give Roode a bit more legitimacy before going on the WWE title path.

Flair/Lynch/Naomi v Riott Squad for the 483rd time. Asides from Naomi proving she’s the most athletic woman on both rosters, not much happened. The Smackdown womans division has become stale and predictable, they need something new. Charlotte and Becky are completely wasted on Smackdown, they should be swapped out for Mandy Rose and Nia Jax in my opinion.

The Old Day v Bengable. Couldn’t care less. Still trying to be fair, I just have no feelings towards either.

Bludgeon Brothers v Local Jobbers. BB win via brutality. They need a proper test. Would love to see them decimate The New Day.

Styles v Baron Corbin. As per usual, Corbin looks better than ever purely because of AJ. He always gives it his best, and makes his opponent look better as well. Styles win via PHENOMENAL FOREARM. Oh and, Corbin, please just cut your hair. Its beginning to look like Hulk Hogan. An End Of Days to Zayn and Owens after the match asserted his dominance, but Styles will retain at Fastane.


Our first match is a battle between the two stupidest names in NXT, Velveteen Dream and No Way Jose. Dream once again proving why he’s the best character on the show (stupid name aside) Jose has already become a development superstar, mainly jobbing to everyone else. He’s big enough to become a threat to the title, he just needs an edge. Get rid of the Fiesta shtick, concentrate on the match rather than dancing.

Regal has an announcement, that the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic is back in 2 weeks time. Which is always good.

Vanessa Bourne v Nikki Cross. Not exactly a woman’s classic, but another win for Cross, who’s pretty much ready for the main roster now. I’d love to see her in battles against Sasha, Bayley or Lynch. She needs to keep her chaotic character though. Don’t let Vinnie Mac water down Sanity like he did the Wyatt Family.

Main event time. Andrade “Cien” Almas defending his title against Johnny Gargano, who has put his NXT career on the line. And GODDAMN IT CHIAMPA I really wanted Gargano to win. We needed the feel good story here. Taking nothing away from Almas, he’s proved his doubters wrong, me being one of them. With Gargano now leaving NXT, I can’t see how they carry on the Gargano Chiampa story. Unless it’s one last unsanctioned match at Takeover New Orleans at Wrestlemania Weekend. We’ll see Gargano on the main roster, probably on 205 live, but he’s easily good enough for an initial IC or US title run. Thank you Johnny.


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