WWEekly Review

RAW Asuka won the Rumble like we all knew she would. Although she hasn't declared which title she will opt for, we can all assume it will be the Raw Woman's Title. Speaking in Japanese and accompanied by "what" chants, she mentioned 'Title' and pointed to the Wrestlemania sign (which is already getting really annoying) … Continue reading WWEekly Review


Review: Super Meat Boy (Nintendo Switch)

This review is brought to you by way of http://www.W2MNET.com as part of our review partnership with them. Check the original review here: http://w2mnet.com/super-meat-boy-review-nintendo-switch/. Super Meat Boy is one of those games that’s released on almost everything, including phones in its near eight-year existence. Releasing first in 2010 on Xbox Live Arcade is when I … Continue reading Review: Super Meat Boy (Nintendo Switch)