The WWEekly Review #8



First off we’re dealing with the fallout from last week between Angle, Steph and Triple H. And thank God I have the ability to fast forward, because listening to Stephanie is haaaaard work. And honestly, Raw can be a bit of a drag. Reports are circling that they may be going back to a 2 hour show, which is just fine with me. Back to Angle, after much posturing, we’re getting THE match. Angle and Rousey v Stephanie and Triple H. They had a little scrap, topped off by the worst Samoan Drop I’ve ever seen from Rousey. Whether it’s because Rousey is new or Steph can’t sell for shit remains to be seen.

Asuka v Nia Jax. Asuka finally getting a better ovation from the crowd. Maybe showing she isn’t as bullet-proof at Elimination Chamber as she’s been made out has, perhaps, helped her a bit. The highlight of the match was Nia using a whirlybird. Asuka wins of course, tapping out Nia with the Armbar, but an amazing performance by Jax, maybe the best we’v seen her.

The Revival v The Bar. Non-title, but if Revival win, they get a title match at Mania. This was not a pretty match. But I enjoyed it. Both teams making quick tags, and hitting hard. The Bar win, but The Revival certainly left their mark. The Bar v The Hardys at Mania looks likely now.

*Sigh* John Cena now. Blah blah Smackdown blah blah Fastlane blah blah Wrestlemania. But then out comes…..Goldust? He was very cryptic, but as long as they both have been with WWE, they’ve never had a match with each other. And with Goldie coming to the end of his career, maybe a last title run is in the stars for him? On this evidence, no.

Bayley v Mandy Rose. A bit of a sloppy match really. Rose hit a wicked jumping knee and forearm, but she still looks a bit green. Bayley wins woopedy doo.

Elias v BRRAAAAUUUN in a….Symphony of Destruction match. So a Hardcore match with instruments so Braun can look good. And he did. Elias got pretty much killed to death.

Bray Wyatt v Rhyno. Wyatt won. Easily. He calls out Hardy, who responds by saying their final match will be at the Hardy Compound! (If you don’t know, look up TNA, final deletion, Hardy compound)

After Miz’s nobbing around with the Mizzies, we get Balor and Rollins v The Miz and the Miztourage. An ok match with Rollins getting the win. Angle then announces its a triple threat at Mania between Miz, Balor and Rollins. Should be good, but I’m hoping Balor wins. He deserves a title run, even if it isn’t the Universal (damn Lesnar)

Last up, Paul Heyman bigging up Lesnar. We all hate Lesnar now as 1) he doesn’t show up, and is keeping more relevant guys getting the title and 2) he recently beat Kane in 30 seconds because he wanted an easy payday. Because of this, people are actually cheering for Reigns. I mean, I’m pretty sure Heyman has put in more appearances than Lesnar himself over the last couple of years.  I never thought I’d say it, but I hope Roman wins.


A face off between Charlotte Flair and Ruby Riott starts the show. Liv and Sarah rush the ring, but then out comes…..Bobby Roode?? Nothing happens because they then cut away to Roode at ringside for our first match. Seemed a bit pointless to me, I was guessing at a mixed tag match but whatever.

Randy Orton v Jinder Mahal. Jinder is an odd duck, in that he seems to win alot without having any actual talent in the ring. He’s just big. That was fine 20 years ago, but in the modern era that just doesn’t fly. Orton is maybe a bit slower than he used to be, but still dangerous. It shouldn’t have taken as long as it did, and if it wasn’t for Roode at ringside, there’s no way Mahal would have won.

Becky Lynch v Carmella. Carmella was actually alot better than expected, and quite aggressive. Becky won with the Dis-arm-her, but she really struggled. I would think they’re making Carmella look better when she eventually cashes in her MITB, probably at Fastlane.

Highlight of the night – cut away to a snowy outside, and watch a man fall over. Classic.

AJ v Ziggler. They started off talking, which was ok but Ziggler brought up a good point. He’s NEVER had a singles match at Mania. Which is criminal when you list his accolades. The match itself should have been an absolute gem, and while it had its moments, it wasn’t the best I’ve seen from either. Rather predictably, Owens and Zayn interfere. Shane declares a fatal 5-way, adding Baron Corbin to the mix. And a much better match, and I might add, a better Sami Zayn who picks up the win with the Helluva kick on OWENS. I’m hoping we get an Owens face turn soon. It may not work, but he deserves a chance anyway.


This week the first round of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic is starting. Our first match is Authors of Pain v TM61. Before this match, TM61 were my pick to win. AoP won this match though after some stiff competition. Razar hit a ridiculous powerbomb on Shane Thorne from inside the ring to the outside apron. On this evidence AoP are favorites to win, but with them seemingly main roster bound, I can’t see it.

Bianca Belair v Local Jobber now. And Belair won in 4 moves in a squash match. I like Belair I really do, but these squashes are doing nothing for her. A few matches against Aaliyah, Lacey Evans, maybe even Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, and her stock will rise quickly. She needs to show off her skills and power, and use that evil hairwhip more.

Tommaso Chiampa took to the ring, presumably to cut a promo. However, every time he went to speak the crowd booed him. He’s the heel of all heels at the moment, and they need to capitalise on it. I’ve not heard heat like this since Reigns beat Taker.

Aleister Black v Killian Dain. And it was aaaalllll Dain. Black had one or two flurries but Dain closed him down quickly. Then out of freaking nowhere, Black Mass. I have to be honest, this wasn’t the classic encounter it should have been. Black barely survived, but it’s looking like he’ll be champ post-Mania, which is fine by me. Sanity is most likely main roster bound anyway.



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