WWEekly Review #9



Once again, Lesnar is a no show. It’s a purposeful move, otherwise they would just gloss over it and pretend it never happened. Reigns starts a promo about Vince McMahon, who is oddly backstage with a headset. After a chat in his office, Vince breaks down Brock. It’s all a bit strange now.

Sonya Deville v Sasha Banks. I like Sonya, she’s slipped right in and looks like she’s been on Raw for years. Banks is still slightly annoying and her weird strained relationship with Bayley will come to a head at Mania. Iron Woman match I’m begging you. And an NXT type not a shite WWE type.

Kid Rock is entering the WWE hall of fame. I genuinely thought someone was taking the piss when I first heard this. It’s absolutely real. Kid Rock. Seriously.

Miz TV happened. Nothing new to report.

The Bar v The Miztourage. Both teams had a scrap before the bell, then joined by The Revival, then Gallows and Anderson, then Titus Worldwide, then Slater and Rhyno. Everyone beat them down. Because they’re that good. I’d say better than the Usos right now.

John Sigh-na now. He’s got no road to Wrestlemania. He won’t be there as a competitor. Although he did challenge Undertaker to a match at Wrestlemania. Taker didn’t show, though the fact Cena is driving this as hard as he is would suggest it’s pretty much locked in by now.

Seth Rollins v Finn Balor. This SHOULD be a classic encounter. I’m hoping it would be. These are two of the best WWE has right now, and the fact they’ve not has a chance at the Universal title in the last year because Lesnar and Reigns are being pushed down our throats is a travesty. They were fighting like the title was on the line. Finn wins with a roll up, but what a match. Im looking a Balor winning at Mania, but with a bit of controversy.

Asuka v Mickie James. Which started off as an interview with Asuka, with Mickie and the Goddess and greatest of all time time Alexa Bliss interrupting. Mickie had a good match, but obviously Asuka wins with the Asuka lock.

Nia Jax v Local Jobber. Jax wins. Naturally. Bliss and James were talking about her backstage which for some reason was beamed on the titantron. So its Bliss and Nia at Mania then. Jax deserves a title shot (sorry Vince, title opportunity) she’s gotten alot better the last few months.

Battle royal between the 5 teams from earlier, the winner getting a title match at Mania. But THEN……BRRRAAAUUUNNN! Apparently he’s a team by himself. With his match at Mania unclear, him winning the tag titles by himself would be….well genius. It has happened before, (Matt Morgan in TNA) but he wasn’t nearly as amazing as Strowman. Strowman wins, not sure how they’re going to swing this, but one Braun as the tag team champions needs to happen.


AJ promo because he’s awesome. Nakamura says……something about knee to face. Rusev then appears and gets the big ovation. Rusev v AJ and Rusev looked really, really good in this match. That’s probably more to do with working with Styles than anything else, but Rusev has definatly had a resurgence in recent weeks. We have Aiden English to thank for that. He started the whole Rusev Day thing. Styles locks in the Calf Crusher but English instantly interferes. Nakamura to the rescue. Obviously we want the best match possible at Mania, both being 100%.

Jimmy Uso and Big E v Bludgeon Brothers. If you didn’t watch Fastlane, The Usos and New Day were in the middle of their match when BBs interfered and annihilated all of them. It was awesome. Big E and Jimmy are all thats left from 5 men. Big and Jim got chairs. BBs got their mallets. The ref scarpered. The match finally started though. BBs win. Then carried on. They look unbeatable right now. New champs at Mania surely??

Bobby Roode v Jinder Mahal. It was……a match. Jinder wins via shenanigans. Orton RKOs Jinder. There is nothing I care less about right now in wrestling than the US title.

Naomi v Carmella. An aggressive Carmella wins. Bit of a cat fight more than a wrestling match. Dissapointing to say the least.

Shane announces Kevin Owens v Sami Zayn at Mania. Both come out, complain then attack Shane. Helluva Kick, Pop-up Powerbomb, chair round head to the post. So I would think Kevin and Sami v Shane and unknown partner at Mania. Just end it now it’s getting quite boring. Shane has like 2 matches a year so the build up goes on waaaay too long.


SAnitY (Young/Wolff) v Sabbetelli/Moss. DRTTC first round. SAnitY with the win, although Sab and Moss looked fairly decent. Im already thinking SAnitY v AoP in the final.

Chiampa takes to the ring, again every time he lifts the mic to talk he gets a rousing boo. It usually takes years to get that kind of heat. If Triple H is smart he’ll milk it for all it’s worth before he inevitably heads to 205 Live. He could possibly be the biggest heel in all of WWE right now.

Lacey Evans v Dakota Kai. Kai wins in quick fashion with a roll up. Maybe to protect the arm a bit. Bazsler turns up, scares Kai, Ember Moon turns up, fists fly. Match at Takeover, one would assume a title change with Moon going to the main roster, hopefully to reignite her rivalry with Asuka.

Street Profits v Heavy Machinery in another DRTTC first round match. HM literally used Ford as a battering ram into Dawkins. It was awesome. Street Profits win via an amazing frog splash by Ford.

Pete Dunne v ADAM COLE BAYBAY for the UK championship. Again I’m annoyed that Cole isn’t even from the UK, yet finds himself with a title shot. But what was actually a really good match was soured by Fish and O’Rielly getting involved. Queue Roderick Strong coming to the rescue. Maybe Dunne, Strong and Bate v Undisputed Era at Takeover? We’ll see but it’s a big weekend wrestling wise with plenty of WWE and indie shows going on.


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