NXT Takeover New Orleans Predictions!


NXT United States Championship Ladder Match- EC3 Vs Adam Cole Vs Velveteen Dream Vs Ricochet Vs Lars Sullivan Vs Killian Dain

NXT Womens Championship: Ember Moon (c) Vs Shayna Baszler

NXT Tag Team Championship: Undisputed Era (c) Vs Authors Of Pain Vs Roderick Strong & Pete Dunne

Unsanctioned Match: Johnny Gargano Vs Tomasso Ciampa

NXT Championship: Andrade Cien Almas Vs Aleistair Black

NXT Takeover is always one of the biggest highlights of Wrestlemania weekend, and this year is no exception! With all three existing titles on the line, the addition of a new Championship and the culmination of the year long build to Gargano Vs Ciampa. The FPG staff had a look at their predictions, as well as my partner who knows absolutely nothing about wrestling, who based her picks off of names and pictures. We’ll start with those predictions first.

Dee (Stewart’s Partner)-

Velveteen Dream

Shayna Baszler

Undisputed Era

Tommaso Ciampa

Aleister Black

Paul (FPG Podcast)-

Velveteen Dream

Ember Moon

Undisputed Era

Johnny Gargano

Aleister Black

Liam (WWEekly Review, FPG Podcast Network)-

Adam Cole

Shayna Baszler

Undisputed Era

Johnny Gargano

Aleister Black

Sean (FPG Live WWE Coverage)- 

Ethan Carter III and Ricochet will both make some serious noise in the immediate future, but I cannot imagine Triple H being quick to hot-shot them above workhorses such as The Velveteen Dream and Killian Dain, a can’t-miss talent such as Adam Cole or the gradually improving Lars Sullivan. Besides, I would not be at all shocked to see at least a few of those names headed straight to either Raw or Smackdown with an upcoming Superstar Shakeup rumored. It COULD go to anybody, but if they are really serious about maximizing his potential, it almost HAS to go to Cole….BAY-BAY.

Moon has nothing left to accomplish in NXT. Meanwhile, both Raw and Smackdown could do with some formidable fresh faces while we await realizing who, if any of them, will break out from the Riott Squad and Absolution as major players. Expect Baszler to take the NXT Women’s Championship and probably move on immediately to feud with Kairi Sane.

Expect one of NXT’s signature epic sendoffs for the Authors of Pain, followed by an emphatic debut on the always-explosive first “Monday Night Raw” after Wrestlemania. The same may go for Strong, who I wouldn’t be surprised to see on the next “205 Live” as a new full-time addition. Dunne would be an outstanding choice to bolster his outstanding U.K. Championship run with a go at Black’s newly won championship. Rotten luck aside, The Undisputed Era only just arrived and are no doubt due for a long run with the belts.

Higher-ups clearly see far too much upside in Johnny Gargano to have Tommaso Ciampa, no less gifted himself, completely get the better of him in this feud. This war of attrition could easily steal the show, but I’m not sure why they would tack on the “banned from NXT” stipulation if not to give Gargano one final chance with the ultimate stakes. Ciampa has time to recover and recoup his momentum, but Gargano has been trampled by such a stampede of bad luck, my gut tells me he finally triumphs over his Judas of an ex-friend and tag team partner.

Almas has undergone a resurgence that has him as ready as he may ever be for the main roster. On the other hand, Black’s run of dominance would feel anticlimactic without at least a brief NXT Championship run. Expect a war, but bet on The Embodiment of the End.

Yeah. I give far more (Alicia) fucks about Takeover’s ramifications, but I have to admit, this Wrestlemania has at least the blueprint of an all-time classic. Then again, a skyscraper with an immaculate plan COULD still amount to a tower of shit if built by a moderately senile grandfather.

Stewart (FPG Editor)- 

I genuinely cannot wait for the NXT debut of Ricochet. I’m interested to see how they integrate him into the WWE landscape as I think he’s arguably the “least WWE” signing they may have made in the longest time. Both he and EC3 have arrived with a bang, but I feel Adam Cole pulling double duty tonight may be the MVP. I can see literally any of these men taking the title, but I think they’ll gain the most from putting it on a debuting EC3 .

I’m a big Ember Moon fan, so I look forward to seeing her renew her rivalry with Asuka on Smackdown over the next few weeks. Sadly, this means Baszler is going to win this one, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. Hopefully they save Moon for Smackdown, rather than have her as an unsuccessful Battle Royal entrant on Sunday night.

With the tag team match, I had originally figured that Dunne and Strong would pick up the win here, but the more I think about it, the less sense that makes to me. I’m not a fan of Adam Cole having to compete again here but I actually think this become the easiest match to call as a result. Authors of Pain seem destined to be the big call up on Monday night, Strong and Dunne were thrown together and should be a great rivalry blaming each other for the loss. Them winning here seems to reminiscent of Samoa Joe and Finn Balor. Undisputed Era will keep the belts until they’re all back together again.

I mean, it can’t be Ciampa that wins the unsanctioned match, can it? Actually, yes it can. And I think it’d make him one of the biggest heels in the WWE, assuming he isn’t already. I still feel we’ll get the feel good moment here of Gargano winning, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ciampa beats Gargano onto 205 Live becoming the biggest heel in NXT and perfect feud fodder for….

… your NEW NXT champion, Aleister Black. I think Almas has been incredible as NXT champion and quite honestly, I think that he’s been the man who has benefited most from holding the NXT title. Given the fact I think he’s set for the main roster as well, I think the man formerly known as Tommy End will begin his reign of Evil.


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