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WWEekly Review #9

RAW Once again, Lesnar is a no show. It’s a purposeful move, otherwise they would just gloss over it and pretend it never happened. Reigns starts a promo about Vince McMahon, who is oddly backstage with a headset. After a chat in his office, Vince breaks down Brock. […]

The WWEekly Review #8

RAW First off we’re dealing with the fallout from last week between Angle, Steph and Triple H. And thank God I have the ability to fast forward, because listening to Stephanie is haaaaard work. And honestly, Raw can be a bit of a drag. Reports are circling that […]

Weekly Review #7

RAW So after an uttely pointless and predictable Elimination Chamber, we start with the greatest women’s champion in the history of wrestling, Alexa Bliss. And for some reason Mickie James aswell, even though she didn’t actually say anything. Along comes Asuka, then Nia, then Bayley and Sasha. This […]

Game Room: Backlog- Destiny 2

Historically, I don’t have much time for MMOs, so I entered into this with some trepidation. I foind the first Destiny great for multiplayer, but if you preferred your single player games like me, there really wasn’t much to do. However, after being cuckolded into playing by a […]