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The WWEekly Review 6

  RAW A mega match starts us off- a gauntlet match featuring the competitors in the men’s Elimination Chamber match. You may remember last week both Balor and Rollins pinned Wyatt in the second chance fatal 5 way. After Raw finished, Angle decreed that both would be in […]

WWeekly Review 5

RAW We start with John Cena, doing what he does best, cutting a promo. Saying essentially if he doesn’t win the Chamber match, he’s not a Mania. Thankfully, The Miz interrupts and was AAAAWESOOOOME. We also have a stipulation for the obvious match that happens; the loser of […]

WWEekly Review 4

RAW To start, we get Bray Wyatt v Roman Reigns for a spot in the Elimination Chamber. And actually, a pretty good match for these two. OF COURSE, Roman won because it’s all but confirmed he’s going to Mania, but Bray looked as good as he did a […]