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WWEekly Review

RAW Asuka won the Rumble like we all knew she would. Although she hasn’t declared which title she will opt for, we can all assume it will be the Raw Woman’s Title. Speaking in Japanese and accompanied by “what” chants, she mentioned ‘Title’ and pointed to the Wrestlemania […]

WWEekly Review #2

Welcome to another week of the WWEekly review. Hope you like the name, if not, it’s my column and it’s the cleverest thing I’ve come up with so I’m going with it. RAW It’s 25 years of Raw. A monumental achievement for any show. We had Stephanie and […]

WWEekly Review #1

RAW So we start off with the best thing to watch on WWE right now – The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman. He’s easily one of the most improved over the last year, and the best thing on Raw not called The Miz. His vulgar display of strength […]