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Stewart Lange

Ranked! MCU Phase 2

Last week, I ranked the movies that made up Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Before I get around to ranking them all together, I’m going to share what I think is the order of quality of the Phase Two movies. If you disagree, let me know! […]

Ranked! MCU Phase One

In the run up to Infinity War, I’ll be taking the time to review and rank all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Starting off with Phase One, I’ll work through them all and eventually culminate in a top ten list. Look back to for further editions […]

Review: Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive is a curious addition to the Metal Gear franchise. Set alongside the events of Ground Zeroes and the Phantom Pain after the destruction of Mother Base, MGS sees you transported to an alternate version of Earth known as Dite, to rescue other soldiers who have […]