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Review: Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive is a curious addition to the Metal Gear franchise. Set alongside the events of Ground Zeroes and the Phantom Pain after the destruction of Mother Base, MGS sees you transported to an alternate version of Earth known as Dite, to rescue other soldiers who have […]

NEScyclopedia – Batman

This week I’m going to take a look at one the many licensed tie-in games for the NES, Batman. The first of three Batman games for the console this title was released by Sunsoft in December of 1989. Released to capitalise on the popularity of the Batman film […]

Game Room: Backlog- Destiny 2

Historically, I don’t have much time for MMOs, so I entered into this with some trepidation. I foind the first Destiny great for multiplayer, but if you preferred your single player games like me, there really wasn’t much to do. However, after being cuckolded into playing by a […]