WWEekly Review #2

Welcome to another week of the WWEekly review. Hope you like the name, if not, it's my column and it's the cleverest thing I've come up with so I'm going with it. RAW It's 25 years of Raw. A monumental achievement for any show. We had Stephanie and Shane McMahon thank everyone, bring out Vinnie … Continue reading WWEekly Review #2


Enzo Amore Released by WWE

Amid rumours of a sexual assault allegation and after a 24 hour suspension, the WWE has announced the release of Eric Arndt, known to fans as 205 Live star Enzo Amore. While no further statement has been made regarding the allegations at this time, we will report more as the story develops.

Hidden Gems: Ric Flair Vs Triple H, Taboo Tuesday 2005

Hello, my fellow wrestling geeks, and welcome to the inaugural edition of the Hidden Gems. My name is Paul Wishart and every Monday I’ll be reaching back into the past to bring one great match that, for whatever reason, has been lost to wrestling history. For while everyone remembers legendary matches such as Undertaker vs. … Continue reading Hidden Gems: Ric Flair Vs Triple H, Taboo Tuesday 2005