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WWEekly Review #12

RAW Triple H and Steph start us off. Sigh. A face to face with Angle and Rousey. Trading barbs and bigging up the match at Mania. This is gonna be a looooong night. Although Ronda grabbing H by the throat and Steph putting her through a table makes […]

WWEekly Review #11

RAW The first 10 minutes was Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman talking up the beating to Reigns. Reigns appeared, beat up Lesnar, but Roman wasn’t 100% so Lesnar came out on top. Who really cares. (If I seem in a bad mood it’s because WWE sucks right now) […]

WWEekly Review #9

RAW Once again, Lesnar is a no show. It’s a purposeful move, otherwise they would just gloss over it and pretend it never happened. Reigns starts a promo about Vince McMahon, who is oddly backstage with a headset. After a chat in his office, Vince breaks down Brock. […]

The WWEekly Review #8

RAW First off we’re dealing with the fallout from last week between Angle, Steph and Triple H. And thank God I have the ability to fast forward, because listening to Stephanie is haaaaard work. And honestly, Raw can be a bit of a drag. Reports are circling that […]