WWEekly Review 4

RAW To start, we get Bray Wyatt v Roman Reigns for a spot in the Elimination Chamber. And actually, a pretty good match for these two. OF COURSE, Roman won because it’s all but confirmed he’s going to Mania, but Bray looked as good as he did a […]


This week I’m going to be looking at Punch-Out!!, a staple of any NES collection. This is especially true for those who love to collect variations of games. The boxing game based on Nintendo’s arcade classics, has three different releases on the NES/famicom with each varying from each […]

WWEekly Review

RAW Asuka won the Rumble like we all knew she would. Although she hasn’t declared which title she will opt for, we can all assume it will be the Raw Woman’s Title. Speaking in Japanese and accompanied by “what” chants, she mentioned ‘Title’ and pointed to the Wrestlemania […]